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Sustainable gardening pioneers in Edinburgh

Complete garden maintenance service delivered to your home on cargo bikes

The Cycling Gardeners of Edinburgh are reinventing the way that gardeners operate in Scotland’s capital city.

Since founding our collective, we’ve done away with our petrol-powered tools and transport, and instead embraced the potential of electric power tools and cargo bikes

We’re now proud to call ourselves Edinburgh’s first fully electric-powered gardening company. 

Our team is a growing group of independent gardeners, who came together during the pandemic under a unique profit-sharing model. Running logistics this way means that every customer benefits from having their own regular contractor, who can get to know your garden’s specific seasonal patterns and requirements.

We’ve rapidly grown a good reputation in Edinburgh as a reliable and friendly gardening business, which puts excellent service and sustainability at its heart.

Find out more about the gardening services we offer.


The cargo bike movement

In cities all over the world, cargo bikes are revolutionising how food delivery services, package couriers, and supermarkets get goods across town. Now the Cycling Gardeners of Edinburgh are joining the cargo bike revolution. 

Cargo bikes aren’t just more environmentally-friendly (with zero carbon emissions, they’re great for cutting air pollution in urban areas!). They’re also much faster than cars and vans at getting around city roads. 

Our gardeners can navigate Edinburgh’s busy streets far more easily on cargo bikes, as well as find parking near your home. 

That means our gardeners can reach you and get to work more quickly, making each job more time and cost-effective – and ultimately allowing us to tend to more gardens around the city.


A groundbreaking business model

We’re investing in local independent gardeners with a profit-sharing business model, which empowers our contractors to do what they do best – gardening!

We partner with trained freelance horticulturalists by providing them with essential gardening equipment and taking care of day-to-day company maintenance and administrative tasks. 

Many freelance gardeners struggle with resources for equipment and storage, which makes operating as an independent more difficult. We take care of all of this, which frees up our network of horticultural specialists to focus on taking care of your garden. 

On top of a considered and bespoke gardening service, our customers benefit from a commitment to timely scheduling, good communication and quick invoicing.


Quality gardening service in Edinburgh

Clients have loved seeing our green ethos in action with Cycling Gardeners of Edinburgh, but it’s our contractors’ diligence in Edinburgh’s communal and private gardens that keeps our regulars coming back. 

We offer a comprehensive list of gardening maintenance services, be that big or small jobs. Some jobs we offer include:

  • Lawn mowing

  • Border care

  • Seasonal plant care and pruning

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team treats the communal gardens they maintain with attention to detail and careful consideration of residents and property managers’ specifications. 

All aspects of regular maintenance are catered for, and delivering specific projects to improve communal spaces can be scheduled on request.

We are fully insured and hold a SEPA licence for waste removal.

Please get in touch to request a quote for your garden.

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